At Gibault Catholic High School, we have been innovating since our founding in 1966.  Our modular schedule and online learning platform are just some of the examples of how Gibault strives to be at the forefront of education.

Our new STEM and Innovation Center will allow us to meet the ever-changing needs of our students and staff for years to come. This state-of-the-art facility builds on our STEM-integrated curriculum and is designed to help our students explore future opportunities and career success through technology, collaboration with peers, and time management.

This center will be located in our former library space. Our library has been relocated just across the hall, creating a more intimate environment for students who wish to have a quiet place to study.

If you have questions or would like to see our plans for this space, feel free to call us or stop by for a tour.

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Will you help us make this center a reality through a donation? You truly will be making an impact at the heart of our campus.