At Gibault Catholic High School we believe every student should have the opportunity to have a Catholic education, regardless of their financial situation. For this reason, we offer an Income Adjusted Tuition. The program allows families to apply for a rate that is right for their families’ financial situation. This makes a Gibault Catholic education affordable to many qualified students who would not otherwise consider Gibault. Families interested in being considered for an Income Adjusted Tuition must apply each year through a third-party service. The company conducts a financial review and reports directly to our principal. Gibault Catholic High School has NEVER turned a student away due to inability to pay. This is made possible by our generous donors and local parishes.

Income Adjusted Tuition Applications can be filed online through this link. A completed application for admission must be on file in our office before any variable tuition award is disclosed to the family.



Standard Tuition Before Income Adjusted Tuition

Parish $9,070
Non-parish $11,000
International $12,300
Activity Fees  
Band Fee $100
Percussion Fee $100
Instrument Rental $90
Chorus Fee $50
Bus Fee Round Trip $700
Bus Fee One Way $400
Sports Fee Per Sport $100
Yearly General Fees
Senior $850
Junior $825
Sophmore $750
Freshman $750
International $850
Each student must sell 10 raffle tickets $250
Juniors have a fundraiser to support the prom
Athletes participate in NFL ticket sales $100

*Gibault Catholic High School has no other required fundraisers throughout the year.

Tuition Payments

All tuition is paid through a company called Praxi School. Parents enroll in the system when students register for classes. Multiple payment plans are offered giving the family options for payment frequency during the year, payment due dates, and payment mode (credit card, automatic withdrawal, or check).

Access your tuition payment account using the button below.


Students are sent scholarship packets once an application to Gibault Catholic High School has been received.