Gibault Catholic High School was one of the first in the nation to use an online learning platform. Gibault Catholic is an all-electronic campus, and each student brings their own device. Students can access course information at any time from any place and collaborate with classmates and teachers. 

The result is a more engaging, current curriculum for the students and teachers.  And, it allows us to have continuous learning, whether or not we are in the physical building.  We don’t have snow days at Gibault Catholic – we have e-learning days!

Schoology Logo

All students and faculty are linked via Schoology, an innovative learning management system and social network that makes creating and sharing academic content easy. Teachers post classroom materials, track student performance, and communicate with students and colleagues through Schoology. 

Students can always access course information, and the social network feature allows for communication with classmates and teachers. 


Gibault Catholic High School uses an information system called FACTS.  You are given a username and password when you enroll in Gibault.  With that username and password, you and your parent are able to access a website where your teachers post grades.  Families can also update their contact information on this site.

District Code: GCHS-IL