Our Mission

Gibault Catholic High School, a Catholic educational community, celebrates the dignity and uniqueness of every person, cultivates lifelong learning and the pursuit of excellence, fosters faith, inspires commitment to justice and service, and works to develop a life-affirming relationship to the world.

Our History

Throughout its history, Gibault Catholic High School has evolved and changed with the needs of its students, never forgetting the mission upon which it was founded.  Gibault Catholic’s unique approach to education can be credited to the vision of its founder Fr. Edwin Hustedde.  For many, Gibault Catholic is synonymous with Fr. Ed, the man who first introduced students and parents to flexible modular scheduling and other innovative ways of empowering students to take responsibility for their education.

1946 – SS Peter and Paul Parish High School began and included freshman and sophomores

1962 – SS Peter and Paul Parish High School became a diocesan high school

1964 – Bishop Albert R. Zuroweste met with parishioners to discuss opening a new regional high school, which would become Gibault Catholic High School 

1966 – Groundbreaking ceremonies were held for the new school named in honor of Fr. Pierre Gibault.  Fr. Gibault was a Jesuit missionary who became known as the “Patriot Priest” during the American Revolution.  Fr. Gibault’s spirit captured the vision of what Gibault Catholic High School was to be - bold, innovative and unafraid in its mission to educate in the Catholic tradition.

1967 – Dedication of the new high school on September 17 with Fr. Edwin Hustedde as its first principal

1972  - The first Senior Service Project was held and became part of all future students’ Gibault experience.  Our students also took part in the first Gibault musical. 

1973 – Women’s sports began at Gibault Catholic.

1985 -  Dedication of the gym.  This gym allowed for Gibault to host its own sporting events and hold PE classes. 

1995  - Jan. 1, 1995, a fire destroyed much of “A” Building,  including the front office area, auditorium, and the library.  The library, books, and other contents were completely destroyed.  Students returned to campus with trailers to house the office and the library.  

1995 - 1996 -  The Gibault community rallied together to overcome the loss of the fire, and construction on a new library began in August 1995.  The new library was dedicated in February 1996. 

2001  - Gibault Catholic entered a new millennium with growth.  A larger band room and gym lobby were completed in time for the 2001-2002 school year.

2004 - Fr. Ed passed away, leaving Gibault Catholic High School as his legacy, the embodiment of what he thought learning should be and the great promise of what he believed every student could become. 

2012 – 2013 –  Gibault Catholic was in the spotlight this school year, as it was one of the first schools to use an online learning platform.  Schools from across the country visited to learn more about the technology, and our school gained media attention for “eliminating snow days.”    

2016  - 50th Anniversary celebration  

Present – Gibault Catholic continues to meet the ever-changing needs of its students.  Our latest project is a state-of-the-art STEM & Innovation Center where students can explore future opportunities and career success. 

"Fr. Hustedde was a man of faith and a visionary.”

Ann Limestall
Gibault Catholic High School teacher of 40 years