Something Better Within Reach

Gibault is a Catholic, private high school in Waterloo, IL – serving the Belleville diocese and only 20 minutes from South County, St. Louis.

For 50 years, Gibault has been dedicated to providing a superior learning environment. Boys and girls take charge of their own education and grow into the men and women they want to become.

Our approach to your education is guided by the following pillars:

Affordable College Prep
College prep doesn’t have to come with a college price tag. We offer the same level of academics as St. Louis schools, at a much lower cost. Tuition at Gibault is not one size fits all.  Our variable tuition program matches tuition to your family’s financial situation.

Superior Academics 
Challenging classes and opportunities for exploratory learning keep school engaging and fun for you. Our wide variety of electives help you think in new ways and discover what you’re good at. We offer more SLU 1818 courses than any other area school and have graduated the region’s highest percentage of Illinois State Scholars 3 of the last 5 years.

Instilling Responsibility and Resourcefulness
Gibault education is about more than academic success. Our college-like schedules and student-driven clubs, sports and mission trips help you learn time management and leadership skills. After graduation, you’re prepared for what’s next.

Faith-Based Values 
Our faith-based curriculum encourages strong personal development through prayer, religion classes, service work, and retreats. We want you to grow into an adult with a sense of compassion and professionalism, regardless of your religion.

No matter who you are, you deserve access to the region’s best education. We provide a warm and welcoming environment that is mentally, emotionally, and physically safe for you to be yourself. We are always willing to be flexible to meet your needs.

We’ve been told that something special is happening here and that our students leave with unique and valuable experiences. But don’t just take our word for it, come and see if for yourself!