Tuesday, September 20


Deacon Tom Helfrich will conduct training for students, faculty and staff who desire to serve in the sacred role of Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister.  This activity is sponsored by the Campus Ministry Club.  We will meet in the chapel tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m.  Please let Mrs. Miskell know if you plan to attend or if you would like additional information.


This is an important announcement, so please listen closely. At approximately 9:00 this morning we will be conducting a Law Enforcement Drill. At that time, I will announce the school is going into a hard lockdown. When I make that announcement, everyone will have 30-60 seconds to get behind a locked door, or other secure area.

Teachers, make sure doors spacers are properly managed and doors are locked. Lights must be out. Be sure students are positioned in classrooms so they cannot be seen. In a real-life situation, if an active shooter can see you they can shoot you, so stay quiet and out of sight.

Waterloo Police Officers will be onsite and conducting the drill. Remain in your secure areas until I announce the drill is over.

Teachers, please take a minute or two and discuss with your homerooms the location of secure areas, such as classrooms, bathrooms, offices, hallways, etc. This is an important drill and it’s designed to save lives.


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