Gibault 300 Ride Donation

300 Miles for Gibault

1 team, 1 day, and 300 miles of cycling to benefit Gibault!

Former Gibault Theology teacher Mike Schaefer is riding 300 miles from Southaven, MS, to Gibault on Nov. 8. Be part of his journey through a donation, 100% of which supports Gibault Catholic High School’s General Scholarship Fund.

Click to donate online using a credit card or through PayPal:

Here is a brief excerpt on why Mike is taking on the endeavor:

“It’s long been a dream of mine to bicycle 300 miles in 1 day. Wanting to continue to make a contribution to Gibault after leaving there this spring, I asked Steve Kidd and Susan Mackin if they would consider helping me make this ride happen.

I think endurance challenges can be a kind of metaphor for life–particularly the Christian life. We start off with certain ideals about how we want the world to be–family life, education, faith; but, we are constantly stretched thin by demands and responsibilities from every direction.

Sometimes, focusing our efforts within the space of an event that challenges us physically and mentally can remind us of the kind of intensity and endurance necessary to carry out the more important of life’s challenges–to “make disciples of all nations”, especially those disciples at Gibault.”

Please be sure to check out Mike’s page with the link above.