Empower Illinois Challenge

Dollar-for-dollar matching opportunity from now through March 31, 2021

How to Donate | Overview of the Register, Reserve, & Donate Process

What if it was possible to reduce your Illinois state income tax liability and help provide tuition assistance for Gibault students at the same time? It is, through Empower Illinois.

How does the program work?

For a couple with a $5,000 Illinois state income tax liability

The OLD way to donate
(without a gift to Empower Illinois)

The NEW way to donate
(with a gift to Empower Illinois)

John and Joy donate $1,000 for scholarships directly to Gibault

John and Joy donate $4,000 for scholarships designated to Gibault via Empower Illinois

John and Joy still owe $5000 in Illinois income tax

John and Joy now owe $2,000 in Illinois income tax thanks to the tax credit they receive of 75% of the gift to Empower Illinois and Gibault

Of the $6,000 paid by John and Joy, only $1,000 goes toward Gibault scholarships, $5,000 goes to the State of Illinois
Of the $6,000 paid by John and Joy, $4,000 goes toward Gibault scholarships, $2,000 goes to the State of Illinois

Through March 31, 2021, donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a generous donor, doubling the amount of scholarship dollars available to Gibault students!

John and Joy spent the same amount ($6,000) but have quadrupled the amount that goes toward scholarships for Gibault students in need.

How can my donation be matched?

We have the opportunity through a generous donor to achieve a dollar-for-dollar match to help fund need-based scholarships for our Gibault students. We need your donations no later than March 31, 2021, to take full advantage of this matching offer.

It takes approximately 10 business days to obtain an Illinois Tax Letter ID if you do not have one. If you are considering donating, please start the process now.  Obtaining a Letter ID does not commit you to any donation.

How has Gibault benefitted from this program?

In the 2020-21 school year, almost $100,000 in scholarships were granted to Gibault students through the Empower Illinois program, but this was not enough to fully fund the needs of all the students that qualified for the program. Please help us make it possible to grant scholarships to all families in need this year!

How do I designate Gibault as the beneficiary of my donation?

When reserving your tax credit at MyTax Illinois, choose “Region 5- Southern Counties” for your Region, and “Empower Illinois” as your Scholarship Granting Organization.

Directions for designating your school of choice can be found at Step 15, page 6

When processing the donation on the Empower Illinois website, choose “Gibault Catholic High School”. Donations can be split if there are additional schools you wish to help. Thank you for making a difference.

Where can I get more information?

About Empower Illinois Video | Donor Perspective: Why Donate Video

To begin the donation process, please visit Empower Illinois.