Variable Tuition/Scholarships

We know that a Catholic school education is expensive. Educating a child at Gibault Catholic costs $10,512 per year!  You will see that $10,512 appears nowhere on our tuition schedule.  That’s because no family at Gibault Catholic pays the full cost. All families benefit from contributions from our generous donors and local Catholic parishes which help bridge the gap between tuition and true cost.

Variable Tuition adjusts tuition rates further to meet your family’s needs. The program allows families to apply for a rate that is right for their families’ financial situation. This makes a Gibault Catholic education affordable to many qualified students who would not otherwise consider Gibault.

Families interested in being considered for Variable Tuition must apply each year through a third party service. The company conducts a financial review and reports directly to Mr. Kidd.

Applications can  be filed online through this link. A completed application for admission must be on file in our office before any variable tuition award is disclosed to the family.

All tuition is paid through a company called Praxi School. Parents enroll in the system when students register for classes. Multiple payment plans are offered giving the family options for  payment frequency during the year, payment due dates, and payment mode (credit card, automatic withdrawal or check) .

Click here to access your tuition payment account.

Hustedde Scholarships are made possible through a fund that was established in  Fr. Edwin Hustedde’s name.  They are awarded to incoming freshmen students for achievement in technology, service, and the fine arts.  Awards are determined by a committee in the spring of the year.

Awards made by the committee are not disclosed other than through a general accounting in the annual report.  Some monies are also available from the diocese.