Curriculum Requirements

Each student at Gibault Catholic High School must have 24 credits to graduate.  In addition, all students must participate in class retreats and complete 8 hours of service to the school each year they are in attendance.  Each student is required to carry a minimum of 7.0 credits per semester.

Valedictorian and salutatorian eligibility requires students to take 4 credits of advanced, honors, or college credit in each of the following subjects: English, math, social studies, and science.  In addition, a candidate must take honors or college credit courses in a world language during the junior and senior year. Download a complete curriculum guide here.

NCAA eligibility standards are very specific. Please click here to view those standards.

Graduation Requirements

Religion*:  4 credits, including Christian marriage

English:  4 credits, including composition

Math:  3 credits, including Algebra 1 and one geometry-based course

Social Studies:  3 credits, including America history and civics

Science:  2 credits, including Biology

World Language:  2 credits

Fine Arts:  1 credit

Physical Education:  1 credit, including health

Business:  1/2 credit, including Personal Finance

Practical Arts:  1/2 credit. Driver’s Ed is taught by Waterloo High School instructors and may be taken by any student who qualifies by age regardless of residence.

Electives:  3 units

*The senior service project, lasting 3 weeks, is required for graduation.