Practical Arts

red arrow PUBLIC SPEAKING 324

This course is designed to develop students' speaking skills. Students will learn the theory and skills necessary to prepare and deliver speeches. The three elements of effective speaking-verbal, visual, and vocal-plus the importance of positive imagery in building confidence will be introduced. REQUIRED FOR ALL SENIORS.

Prerequisite: None

Length of course: One year (every other day)

Credit: 0.50

red arrow DRIVER EDUCATION 098

The classroom portion of the course is designed to teach the beginning driver the concepts necessary for safe motoring. The behind-the-wheel phase is designed to give the students sufficient driving experience to assume the role of a licensed driver. An instruction permit from the state is required for the driving portion ($20.00) and a driving fee is required by the school ($150.00). This class will be taught by an instructor from Waterloo High School. Note: class is first filled by sophomores; freshmen may be added only if their schedule will accommodate the class without changing courses/ class sizes (as defined by administration). Students must be 15 within the semester of the course.

Prerequisite: Students must be at least 15

Length of course: Every Day

Credit: 0.25