red arrow PERSONAL FINANCE 413

A course designed to help students understand the impact of individual choices on occupational goals and future earnings potential.  Real world topics will include income, money management, spending, and credit, as well as saving and investing.  This is a required course for graduation.

Prerequisite: Junior/Senior status

Length of course: One semester (every other day)

Credit: 0.25


This course is designed to introduce the students to Microsoft Office 2007 Professional. Students will learn practical applications to Word (word processing), PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheet.

Prerequisite: Required for freshmen

Length of course: One semester (every day)

Credit: 0.50

red arrow MARKETING 435

This course will introduce Junior and Senior students to the three important areas fundamental to successful marketing: Economic, Business, and Human Resources. Students will learn how marketing is used successfully in a variety of United States and international businesses. The students will be given issues facing today's marketers and will have to resolve them with the principles learned.

Prerequisite: Junior/Senior standing

Length of course: One year (every other day)

Credit: 0.5

red arrow YEARBOOK 430

Students will use Josten’s online program to create the Gibault's yearbook. Students will also be responsible for taking photographs and writing copy.

Prerequisite: Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors  

Length of course: One semester (every other day)

Credit: 0.5