College Credit Courses

All of our classes are offered through Saint Louis University and are transferable to most colleges.  The fee for the courses is in addition to our tuition, however, the fee is a fraction of what the university would charge if you took the course on campus.  Currently, students pay $65 per semester per class hour.  Each class is 3 college hours of credit except for Biology, Calculus 1 & Calculus 2 which receive 4 hours of credit.

The classes are taught by our faculty members who have been approved as adjunct professors of Saint Louis University.  The syllabi and grading practices must meet Saint Louis University standards.

We offer Saint Louis University credit in English, art, Spanish, math, science and history.  Specific courses are:


Approaching the Arts  (Senior)



The Process of Composition  (Junior)
Advanced Rhetoric & Research  (Junior)
Conflict, Social Justice & Literature  (Senior)
Film, Culture & Literature  (Senior)



Communicating in Spanish  (Junior – Semester 2)
Communicating in Spanish  (Senior)
Intermediate Spanish  (Senior)



Calculus 1  (Junior/Senior)
Calculus 2  (Senior)



Biology  (Senior)



History of the US to 1865  (Junior)
History of the US Since 1865  (Junior)
Origins of Modern World to 1600  (Junior/Senior)
Origins of Modern World 1600 to Present  (Junior/Senior)