Can you give me a quick overview of Gibault Catholic High School?

Gibault Catholic High School is a co-educational school serving grades 9 – 12.  Our 40-acre campus serves approximately 250 students who come to us from various communities within a 25 mile radius.  We are a diocesan school whose mission is to educate any child whose family wants a Catholic education.

Tuition at Gibault is listed as a range. How does that work?

We know that a Catholic school education is expensive.  The cost of educating a child at Gibault is $10,212 a year!  No family at Gibault pays the full cost of education.  Our generous donors, Catholic parishes and fundraisers help bridge the gap between tuition and true cost.

And we know that tuition is not a one size fits all.  Variable tuition adjusts tuition rates to meet your family’s needs.  The program allows families to apply for a rate that is right for their financial situation.  This makes a Gibault Catholic education affordable to many qualified students who would not otherwise consider Gibault.

Families interested in being considered for variable tuition must apply each year through a third party service that, after reviewing the application, reports directly to Mr. Kidd.

What makes Gibault Catholic different from a private school?

We are a Catholic school which means our mission is to foster faith and inspire a commitment to justice and service in each student.  Our days begin with prayer.  Religion classes are part of our curriculum.  We incorporate liturgies, prayer services, or discussions of current events in the context of the Catholic faith into the school day.  Penance services and yearly retreats are a staple for every class to deepen faith.

Are the students involved in service?

Community service plays an integral part in the spiritual development of each Gibault student with service hours required of each student each year.

As they grow in age and spirituality, we also require seniors to participate in the Senior Service Project.  Seniors spend 3-weeks away from campus in a hands-on experience at an approved service site.  Seniors serve locally, regionally, and globally – most recently in Ecuador and Bolivia.

What is different about the Gibault schedule?

Not all of our classes meet every day.  Like a college schedule, some of our classes meet every other day, some meet 5 out of every 6 school days.  During the time that the class does not meet formally, students have work to do and also have time to meet with their teachers individually for guidance or extra help.  With the added freedom comes added responsibility to manage time well – a skill that many of our graduates appreciate when they go to college.

What colleges accept Gibault Catholic graduates?

Our graduates are accepted at all regional colleges and universities as well as national universities such as Yale, Columbia and Notre Dame.  Our average ACT score is well above the state average and Gibault Catholic has routinely had the highest percentage of Illinois State Scholars compared to other area private and public high schools.

Do you offer college level courses for high school students?

Yes. We believe in challenging our students and offer them the opportunity to earn college credits during their high school experience.  In partnership with St. Louis University, we currently offer and teach 47 hours of college level courses in math, English, Spanish, art, biology and history.  Students who take advantage of these courses often begin college with the freshman year nearly completed for a fraction of the cost.

What is the electronic curriculum?

Gibault Catholic is an all-electronic campus and everyone has a device.  Students and faculty are linked via Schoology, a web-based learning management system.

Our teachers, following state standards and the Common Core, have developed curriculum using free and open web-based resources, their own materials, and other resources. They post classroom materials, track student performance, and communicate with students and colleagues through Schoology.

Students can access course information at any time and any place.  The social network feature allows for collaboration with classmates and teachers and helps promote personalized instruction.

The result is a more engaging, current curriculum for the students and teachers.  And, it allows us to have continuous learning whether we are in the physical building or not!  We don’t have snow days at Gibault – we have e-learning days which allow students to learn to work remotely, something they will definitely use in college and career.

What extra-curricular activities are offered?

Gibault has something for you whether you are artistic, athletic, a math whiz or love the idea of singing on stage!  Students are encouraged to choose from over 25 clubs and 15 sports.  In fact, 91% of our student body is involved in one or more activities.

Can I visit the campus?

Yes.  We encourage visitors to tour our campus during school hours when they can see Gibault in action.  And, for prospective students, we recommend spending a day on campus shadowing an existing student through classes and activities.  You can schedule a tour or shadow online, by calling our office, or by emailing Kelly Day, Director of Enrollment, at kday@gibaulthawks.com.