Curriculum Requirements

Each student at Gibault Catholic High School must have 24 credits to graduate.  In addition, all students must participate in class retreats and complete 6 hours of service to the school each year they are in attendance.  Each student is required to carry a minimum of 7.0 credits per semester.

In order to be considered for valedictorian or salutatorian, certain requirements must be met. Please click here to view those requirements.

NCAA eligibility standards are very specific. Please click here to view those standards.

Graduation Requirements

Religion*:  4 credits, including Christian marriage

English:  4 credits, including composition

Math:  3 credits, including Algebra 1 and one geometry-based course

Social Studies:  3 credits

Science:  2 credits, including Biology

World Language:  2 credits

Fine Arts:  1 credit

Physical Education:  1 credit

Business:  1/2 credit

Practical Arts:  1/2 credit. Driver’s Ed is taught by Waterloo High School instructors and may be taken by any student who qualifies by age regardless of residence.

Electives:  3 units

*The senior service project, lasting 3 weeks, is required for graduation.